Save hand skin from antiseptic

How and how to care for dry and problematic skin?
Realities of our hands
We constantly wash our hands, use antiseptics, including alcohol, we wear rubber gloves ….
The skin of our hands suffers and suffers greatly, especially if initially it was problematic, now it is the most vulnerable. Dryness, cracks, peeling …. words already included in our everyday life. Yes, before there were much less such problems, but the load on the skin of our hands was habitually normal.
But this problem can and should be solved, because dried skin is the most vulnerable ….
Cream-balm “Lega” based on beeswax and oils – walnut, olive, coconut, wheat germ, gently and effectively moisturize your skin, relieve irritation, promote skin regeneration, nourish the cuticle and nail plate. It has a light whitening effect due to the presence of lemon in the composition of essential oil.
Just put a jar of Leg cream on the bedside table, and do not forget to apply cream on slightly damp skin. In the morning, you will feel the difference.
Cream-balm “Lega” will replace you with a tool for the cuticle, for the nail plate, and will become your favorite tool for the skin of the hands.
We sincerely wish you to remain always beautiful and healthy, regardless of the circumstances !!!!