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Liquid soap

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  • Heather Liquid soap

    Heather Liquid soap made especially for dry, sensitive and prone to allergy skin. Organic oil heather, which is enriched with soap, effectively softens the skin, nourishes and soothes her. Furthermore, this natural component eliminates bacteria and promotes the treatment of allergies. Liquid soap Heather is made of 100% natural ingredients that give a curative effect.
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  • Liquid Soap Citrus

    Liquid Soap Citrus protects the skin from aging, promotes cell regeneration. Ideal surface smooths the skin and whitens the her. Soap contains a decoction of liquorice, which provides anti-allergic and soothing effect, it retains the natural moisture of the skin, reduces wrinkles, gives skin a natural, healthy color. In the soap contains natural extracts of orange, pineapple, lime, lemon, tangerine.
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  • Liquid soap Immortelle

    Liquid soap Immortelle heals cuts and eliminates the inflammation of the skin. This soap is an excellent remedy for skin care and reliable protection. Regular use of soap with immortelle allows for reducing scars, smoothing and softening the skin.
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  • Liquid soap larkspur

    Liquid soap larkspur is designed for oily and combination skin. Larkspur root extract is widely known for its unique properties. It is the richest vegetable source of allantoin, analogues to which does not exist in nature. Allantoin can significantly accelerate the process of wound healing and tissue regeneration.
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  • Liquid Soap Olive

    Liquid Soap Olive consists entirely of natural ingredients, so it's perfect for all skin types, including sensitive. Liquid Soap Olive enriches the skin with essential substances and protects against premature aging. Olive oil and grape seed extract have antioxidant action, well heal and restore.
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  • Liquid Soap Plantain

    Liquid Soap Plantain is designed for oily and combination skin. Especially recommended if there is a rash, dermatitis on the skin. Excellent mattes, tightens pores and disinfects. It has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory action. It will help you get rid of rashes and other imperfections, and saturate the skin useful microelements.
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  • Liquid Soap Sea Minerals

    Liquid Soap Sea Minerals is designed for reliable protection of the skin from the adverse effects of external factors. Soap with marine collagen takes care, hydrates and nourishes the skin with essential amino acids. Especially recommended in hot and cold weather. Marine Collagen moisturizes, regenerates and rejuvenates the skin, has a positive effect on its overall condition and appearance. It forms a protective film for skin hydration
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  • Liquid soap tar

    Liquid soap tar is used as a treatment for acne, oily seborrhea, fungal lesions of the arms and legs, improves the skin in psoriasis, eczema, dermatoses, and boils. It is composed of essential oils that have an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect. It soothes and softens the skin.
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  • Rosemary Liquid Soap

    Rosemary Liquid Soap is ideal for oily skin. Rosemary essential oil tones the skin, saturates the cells with healing moisture, relieves inflammation and deodorizes. This soap is a healing agent that will give the skin beauty. They can be used to cleanse the whole body! Rosemary liquid soap streamlines blood circulation and hydro-lipid balance.
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