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  • Aloe soap and beeswax

    Aloe soap and beeswax contains no animal fats, synthetic dyes and preservatives, E components. Suitable for dry skin, especially in the presence of cracks. Using Aloe soap and beeswax make the skin smooth, soft, fresh and healthy.
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  • antiperspirant BALM handmade

    antiperspirant BALM handmade normalizes the sebaceous and sweat glands, reduces the age and pathological sweating (neurasthenia, vascular dystonia, diabetes), antimicrobial and antiviral protection (baths, saunas) .Smyagchaet itching in allergic dermatoses.
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  • Aromatherapy Shower Oil Lac Sante

    Aromatherapy Shower Oil Lac Sante based on natural plant extracts gently cleanses, tones the skin, gives a feeling of freshness, vigor and grooming. Oils of almond, hemp and grape seed, and vitamin E actively nourish, moisturize, soften the skin, improve texture, increase its elasticity and elasticity, prevent dryness and coarsening of the epithelium, make skin velvety and smooth to the touch.
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  • Camphor Soap

    Camphor Soap has a softening, soothing, healing and antiseptic effect. It relieves irritation and inflammation. Camphor oil helps get rid of acne by regulating the sebaceous glands. Soft foam does not dry the skin, it fills the cells of life-giving moisture.
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  • Celandine soap with wax

    Celandine soap with wax used for the treatment and prevention of skin inflammation, rash, remove freckles and age spots. This soap works great with skin. It has a softening, toning, soothing effect. Celandine soap with wax restores skin elasticity, normalizes blood circulation, promotes cell renewal. Natural beeswax is soothing and anti-inflammatory properties, forms a protective film on the physiological skin and makes it smooth and soft.
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  • Coffee Soap

    Coffee Soap moisturizes the skin, leaving it softer and more supple. Included in the means of organic coffee, walnut oil, essential oil of patchouli enrich the skin with essential ingredients, minerals and vitamins. Coffee Soap protect the skin against premature aging and environmental stress.
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  • Cream Shower Gel Cranberry-Lemon

    Cream Shower Gel Cranberry-Lemon has anti-inflammatory, soothing and softening properties and is therefore particularly well suited for sensitive skin. Broth cranberry, lemon and juniper has anti-inflammatory, soothing and calming effect. Pleasant aroma restores strength and energy. Natural and gentle formula cream gel Cranberry-lemon shower gel can be used daily without harm and injury to all skin types.
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  • Cream-balm antiperspirant for the feet

    Cream-balm antiperspirant for the feet has a complex effect: it normalizes the excessive release of sweat on the surface of the skin. At the same time, the work of the sweat gland itself is not blocked and the produced liquid through the vessels is redistributed into areas with a less pronounced tendency to sweating. Also Cream-balm antiperspirant for the feet eliminates foot fungus, as well as its effects - itching and inflammation. Nourishes, deodorizes and softens the rough skin of the legs.
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  • Cream-balm Deodorant

    Cream-balm Deodorant will help to solve the problem of excessive sweating. Cream-balm Deodorant is an effective remedy preventing excessive sweating and the appearance of an unpleasant odor during the day. Gently normalizes excretory processes, does not dry the skin and does not clog pores. Does not cause allergic reactions. It has a number of advantages over most analogues: it does not dry the skin and does not clog pores.
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