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  • Anti-cellulite body oil Ekolux

    Oil massage on the basis of green walnut oil "Anti-cellulite" has the following effect - - Body Oil "Anti-cellulite" fat breaks - It has antioxidant, resolving, toning action is effective in the prevention and special massage for cellulite - Body Oil "Anti-cellulite" improves skin texture
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  • Aphrodisiac body oil Ekolux

    Aphrodisiacs are substances that stimulate or enhance sexual attraction or sexual activity, as opposed to anaphrodisiacs, which prevent sexual pleasure or overwhelming attraction. In the modern market of perfume products there are products that are positioned as "containing pheromones." Manufacturers of such products claim that its use increases the attractiveness of the opposite sex "on a subconscious level", acts as an aphrodisiac. There are no reliable confirmations. Aphrodisiac body oil is conventionally divided into female and male.
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  • Body Butter Yaka “Lemon and Mint”

    Body Butter Yaka "Lemon and Mint" is suitable for all skin types. Organic oils of mint and fruits of lemon leaves provide a relaxing effect and help relieve fatigue. The oil has a thick consistency, contains organic oils of lemon and mint. Body Butter Yaka "Lemon and Mint" gives the skin radiance and healthy appearance, nourishes and protects the skin after each water procedures. Jojoba oil and cocoa - valuable ingredients in cosmetics and beauty industries.
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  • Body oil Yaka “Rose”

    Body oil Yaka "Rose" on the basis of a rose flower wax suitable for all skin types. Wax rose extract in the making of rose absolute. It moisturizes and softens the skin and rejuvenates it. Body oil Yaka "Rose" has a pleasant and sweet scent of roses. Means of natural oils, extracts and waxes nourishes and creates a reliable barrier protection after use, oil is instantly absorbed, it improves elasticity and gives a matte finish. Regularly using it, you will soon notice that your skin will become smoother and softer.
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  • Clean skin body oil Ekolux

    Oil Ekolyuks body "Clean skin" - has antimicrobial, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory action, prevention and treatment of allergies, pustular diseases, fungal skin lesions, is effective in: boils, carbuncles and panaritiums (warm compresses), has wound-healing effect, stimulating oil oily, combination and oily skin, has a sedative and calming properties itching - Oil for "Clean skin" body actively removes toxins - Cleanses the skin
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  • Lemon Body Oil Ekolux

    "Lemon" body oil provides psycho-emotional effects on the body, tonic, effective in vegetative-vascular dystonia. Refreshes, provides a burst of energy and positive motivation, Allows you to quickly and smoothly adapt to the new conditions of life, to new people, strengthens the vital interest and curiosity. Cosmetic effect of "lemon" body oil
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  • Mature skin Body oil Ekolux

    "Mature skin" Body Butter has the following effect - - Recommended for age-related changes of the face, neck, arms, legs, extreme sensitivity of the skin, dryness, ichthyosis - Oil "mature skin" of the body stimulates the microcirculation of the skin - Moisturizes, has a tonic effect, relieves swelling
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  • Moth oil for Children Ekolux

    Oil massage on the basis of "The Moth" green walnut oil has the following effect - - Oil for skin prone to allergic manifestations - It can be used in pediatric practice
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  • Orange body oil Ekolux

    "Orange" body oil stimulates digestion function of the gall bladder, kidney, bladder, heart tones, has antifebrile and disinfectant, and when exposed to the skin - regenerative and anti-inflammatory action. "Orange" body oil has a psychologically warming, stimulating, balancing, relaxing, increases the sensitivity of the action and it is shown with nervousness, anxiety,
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