Purification organism

Purification organism

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  • Artemizin-S

    Artemizin-S is a safe plant complex based on wormwood for the treatment and prevention of adults and children from helminths and protozoal infections.
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  • Collection of antialcoholic

    The main aspect is that the treatment can be carried out without the patient's "knowledge". Collection antialcoholic is a phytopreparation, which is recommended for therapy and rehabilitation of patients with alcoholism. The collection of antialcoholic helps to overcome addiction to alcohol dependence, removes cravings for alcoholic beverages, normalizes excretory function, metabolism, removes free radicals, radically cleanses the liver.
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  • Fitomaks beta

    Fitomaks beta powerful antioxidant 50 times superior properties of vitamin E and 1000-fold - the properties of blood plasma to remove toxins, toxins, free radicals. Fitomaks-beta inhibits the accumulation of cholesterol in the body, increases blood hemoglobin level in functional anemia. The main component Fitomaksa beta - extract obtained from seeds, stalks and peels of red grapes. Thanks to the unique advanced technologies to extract saved more than 80% of organic compounds.
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  • Fitosorbovit

    "Fitosorbovit" - is a natural complex which is used to a very mild and effective cleansing as the gastrointestinal tract or the body as a whole, as well as to restore functional activity of the digestive organs after malnutrition, stress, alcohol intoxication and other disorders. Components "Fitosorbovit" complex are of vegetable origin and are a source of dietary fiber.
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  • Flax seed oil

    Flax seed oil Ekolyuks manufactured by a special vitaminosohranyayuschey technique known since ancient times, from the choice of flax seeds. Flax seed oil Ekolyuks is the leader among vegetable oils on the content of omega-3 and omega-6 unsaturated fatty acids. Reception 2 tablespoons of flax seed oil provides the daily needs of the human body in these vital substances.
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  • Herbal Tea “Slim lotus”

    Herbal Tea "Slim lotus" is recommended to receive when excess weight, diseases associated with lipid metabolism disorders, is effective for the prevention of atherosclerosis, prevents the formation of atherosclerotic plaques. Phyto "Slim Lotus" effectively brings bad cholesterol, effectively breaks down and removes from the body fats. Phyto "Slim Lotus" has a mild laxative and diuretic, cleanses the liver,
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  • Herbal Tea “To cleanse the lymphatic system”

    The combination of leaves, buds and birch fungus, leaves, cranberries, members of the tea "To cleanse the lymphatic system" effectively cleanse the lymph and lymph nodes from bacteria, viruses, toxins. Tea "To cleanse the lymphatic system" regulates and restores the function of the lymphatic system, improves lymph flow. Eliminates edema, which are formed as a result of stagnation of lymph.
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  • Herbal tea Goji Berries

    The successful mix of ingredients herbal tea Goji Berries allows the use of this product for safe cleansing and healing of the whole organism, regulation of metabolism, normalization of hormonal levels, improve vision, reduce the excess weight. Phyto Goji Berries - it is a unique storehouse of vitamins and trace elements, effectively normalizes metabolism, thereby helping to reduce body weight.
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  • Oil of milk thistle seeds

    Oil seeds of milk thistle Ekolyuks - a valuable dietary product. It is widely used in folk medicine as a remedy for various diseases. Therapeutic and prophylactic properties of milk thistle seed oil due to the presence in it of carotenoids, tocopherols, a complex of polyunsaturated fatty acids and chlorophyll. It is used inside and externally. Thistle oil is rich in fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E, F. It contains trace elements zinc, copper, selenium. Like all vegetable oils rich in fatty acids
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