Purification organism

Purification organism

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  • Artemizin-S

    Artemizin-S is a safe plant complex based on wormwood for the treatment and prevention of adults and children from helminths and protozoal infections.
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  • Collection of antialcoholic

    The main aspect is that the treatment can be carried out without the patient's "knowledge". Collection antialcoholic is a phytopreparation, which is recommended for therapy and rehabilitation of patients with alcoholism. The collection of antialcoholic helps to overcome addiction to alcohol dependence, removes cravings for alcoholic beverages, normalizes excretory function, metabolism, removes free radicals, radically cleanses the liver.
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  • Fitomaks beta

    Fitomaks beta powerful antioxidant 50 times superior properties of vitamin E and 1000-fold - the properties of blood plasma to remove toxins, toxins, free radicals. Fitomaks-beta inhibits the accumulation of cholesterol in the body, increases blood hemoglobin level in functional anemia. The main component Fitomaksa beta - extract obtained from seeds, stalks and peels of red grapes. Thanks to the unique advanced technologies to extract saved more than 80% of organic compounds.
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  • Fitosorbovit

    "Fitosorbovit" - is a natural complex which is used to a very mild and effective cleansing as the gastrointestinal tract or the body as a whole, as well as to restore functional activity of the digestive organs after malnutrition, stress, alcohol intoxication and other disorders. Components "Fitosorbovit" complex are of vegetable origin and are a source of dietary fiber.
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  • Perga Medok (bee bread)

    Beekeepers have long valued Perga (bee bread) Perga (bee bread), Perga Medok not only as the main food for bees. Perga Perga (bee bread), Perga Medok is a natural, ideally balanced vitamin and mineral complex, which is ideal for most people. It includes: 16 amino acids, 13 fatty amino acids, proteins, vitamins (A, C, P, E, B1, B2, B6, D, etc.), carbohydrates, minerals (magnesium, potassium, calcium, iron, sodium , Zinc, etc.) Lactic acid bacteria, which were formed in pergus, suppress the development of harmful microflora.
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  • Phytoconcentrate of beeswax

    The phytoconcentrate of beeswax is a liquid from light brown to dark brown with a characteristic bee aroma. The precipitation of natural sediment is permissible. Before use, tincture is recommended to shake. The main active substance of beeswax is chitin (chitosan). On an industrial scale, chitosan is obtained from marine armor, while bee-submarine is unique in its properties. The phytoconcentrate of beeswax includes, in addition to chitosan, melanin complexes, heparoids, amino acids, peptides, bee venom, etc. In the body of bees, the presence of at least 27 elements:
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  • Toksfayter Luxury

    Toksfayter luxury - a universal enterosorbent based on herbal ingredients. The active ingredients of this complex block toxins and by-products of metabolism, reduce the effects of allergens, eliminate the functional disorders of the digestive system. Reduce the burden on the liver and kidney, improve metabolism, reduce cholesterol.
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