Nervous system

Nervous system

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  • Avenitsitin

    Avenitsitin alternative to the well-known broth from young oat shoots. Avenitsitin used to optimize the functional activity of the nervous and cardiovascular systems, enhance the protective function of the liver and its ability to cleanse itself. Normalization of lipid metabolism.
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  • B P Formula

    Diseases of the cardiovascular system occupy a leading place in the list of diseases Ministry of Health. The latest development "BP Formula" - is Biocomplex that helps protect the cardiovascular system from the harmful effects of external factors, prevent the development of a wide range of pathologies and premature exhaustion. The use of "BP Formula" improve and stabilize the operation of the heart muscle
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  • Concentrate with crystalline bischofite

    Unique Bischofite in its composition with a high salt content and magnesium bromide. It is used in spa treatment and physiotherapy in the CIS. It has anti-inflammatory, regenerative, sedative, antispasmodic, analgesic, regulating metabolism effects. Tones, nourishes the skin with minerals, strengthens nails. Incredibly effective in problems with the musculoskeletal appliances. It is used for the preparation of the common baths, baths, solutions for compresses, massage. It enhances the effect of hydro-massage, bubble baths.
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  • Coniferous extract Bischofite

    Coniferous extract Bischofite - a well-known natural extract for the preparation of medicinal baths. Widely used in balneology sanatorium treatment on the whole territory of Ukraine. Now in consumer packaging for home use! The organic combination of brine Poltava bischofite, a natural extract of needles of juniper, fir and pine beneficial effect on the entire human body.
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  • Cream-balm Cervidol forte

    Cream-balm Cervidol forte is an analgesic and anti-inflammatory agent. It effectively eliminates headache, relaxes muscles, improves nutrition of soft tissues and lymphatic drainage. Accelerates microcirculation, eliminates inflammation. Cream-balm Cervidol forte from a headache with cervical neuralgia has a local warming and analgesic effect. During the exacerbation of the disease it is recommended to observe bed rest, preferably on a firm surface.
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  • Cream-balm Neurodol

    Cream-balm Neurodol is effective in neuralgia, polyneuritis, myalgia, convulsions, lumbago, migraines, rheumatism, non-specific polyarthritis, myositis, lumbosacral sciatica, sciatica, and also in the treatment of joint injuries with sprains or ligaments. Ideal for massage of athletes (prevention and treatment of the consequences of heavy loads). Essential oils that make up the Cream-balm Neurodol have a beneficial warming effect, contribute to quick relaxation, stress relief and relief from pain.
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  • Klarivit ArtLife

    Klarivit - A phytocomplex that relieves allergy symptoms and strengthens the immune system. Phytocomplex from allergies "Claritol" neutralizes the biologically active substance histamine, thereby preventing an allergic reaction.
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  • Lecithin ArtLife

    Advantages of Lecithin ArtLife in granules: In the composition of 93% of phospholipids against 60-70% in similar complexes of other manufacturers. Soy lecithin contains more essential fatty acids than sunflower lecithin.
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  • Memorie Rice ArtLife

    The main components of Memori Rice ArtLife: Fruit extract Gotu Cola - has pronounced wound-healing properties, relieves pain syndrome, soothes. Motherwort - has an antispasmodic and sedative effect. Guarana - tones up. Effective in the preventive treatment of migraine.
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