Preserving the skin of hands – a cream-balm “Lega”

In autumn and winter velvet oh how I want to handle! Strong wind, temperature fluctuations, humidity make the skin of our hands is more like pieces of sandpaper. From the impact of weather conditions the skin on the hands is dry, resulting in redness and peeling occurs. How to organize a proper care of our pens? Hand care does not require much time, but it is needed, the more time you devote to its handles, the longer retain youthfulness of the skin of hands. And your skin, oh, how shall issue age.

Our task is to give the skin of hands full hydration and protection. This will help the cream-balm for hands handmade “Lega” from TM “Ekolyuks”. The cream contains only natural ingredients – beeswax, wheat germ oil, palm oil, coconut oil, castor oil, olive oil, lemon. Cream-balm “Lega” should be applied to the skin of hands twice a day, apply the cream after each washing with a strong dry hands. Properly applied hand cream for 20-30 minutes before going outside, to have time to absorb the cream.
Cream-balm “Lega” has a pleasant flavor and light texture, perfectly absorbed, effectively care for your hands in the autumn and winter period, nourishes and moisturizes, protects against cold and household allergies, recommended for rough and chapped handles.
Cream-balm “Lega” Your pen will be beautiful and well maintained! And do not give you.

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