Phytotherapy – Myth or Reality?

Everyone once in my life asking myself: can anything be cured with herbs? Let’s try to find an answer to this question. First, a little information.

Phytotherapy (from the ancient Greek φυτόν -. «Plant» and θεραπεία – «therapy”), mouth. herbal – treatment of various human diseases based on the use of medicinal plants and complex products thereof. Methods of processing plants for herbal remedies are not focused on the release of chemically pure active substance and the preservation of all active substances complex plants in the most simple and close to natural forms (decoction, tincture, extract, and so on. D.). Therefore phytotherapy regarded as part of the natural therapy (naturopathic) [1]. Phytotherapy – a great prevention of many disease states and disease. I do not urge you to immediately go out and start taking any herbal or phytopreparation. But if you change the number of your lifestyle, you balance the power, realize that the main source of mineral and organic substances in the human body are still the plants, many problems with your health, you can avoid. And believe me, the question: “Herbal medicine – myth or reality” will no longer stand in front of you.

First. As is known, each plant consists of water and solids, which in turn are divided into organic and mineral. Organic substances produced or secreted by the plant due to their metabolism, called metabolites. These include carbohydrates, proteins, lipids, as well as organic acids, phenolic compounds, monosaccharides, alkaloids, terpenoids, and many others. Minerals (macro-, micro- and ultramicroelements) present in plants in large numbers. Moreover, unlike, for example, mineral water, where minerals are in ionic form, in plants minerals associated with organic compounds, are in an optimum ratio, and hence come into active metabolism.

Second. It is necessary to distinguish between illness and disease states. This is clearly described in his writings of the academician Amosov. Briefly it is this: have the disease, such as trauma, congenital pathology of the infection. And there are disease conditions arising from metabolic disorders: age, with no right way of life, nutrition and ecology under the influence. Under metabolic deficiency should be understood violation (excess) of specific organic compounds (enzymes, hormones, vitamins, pigments and others.) And their constituent minerals. Namely, these substances affect the basic functions of the body: height, weight, growth, reproduction, blood formation and many others. al. Inorganic compounds such as participating in the creation of various structures (bone and muscle tissue, cell walls, etc.) is controlled physico-chemical processes in the body is maintained at a proper level, the osmotic pressure of the cell juice, blood, lymph, acid-base balance .

Third. Virtually any organic or inorganic substance can be obtained in two ways: first – isolated directly from the raw material (for example, from herbs) and the second – chemically synthesized. And the second method is much cheaper. As a consequence, pharmaceutical preparations containing based surfactants derived directly from plants – expensive.

Fourth. Many pharmaceutical companies are proud to write in jars and stress in commercials “natural” and “herbal origin” of their products. Well, nothing PHYTOTHERAPY? !!! At the same time, many (fortunately not all) of pharmacists and physicians are critical of the use of medicinal purposes tinctures, decoctions, ointments and other derivatives of the plant. Indeed, sometimes the actions of some medicinal plants alone is not enough. After the operation, for example, antibiotics are necessary. However, herbal medicine can be used in combination with basic treatment, alleviate side effects from the use of powerful synthetic drugs. This will help the patient quickly to his feet.

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