Our eyes, or how to keep the vision?

We live in an amazing time: an age of technological progress makes it possible to keep up a lot in a short time. We can easily cover the distance quickly cope with professional and domestic nature of jobs. We are able to quickly master the main components of success – information.
The age of information helps us to be successful, but also requires a fee for it: the load on the eye is getting higher, regardless of gender, age, or the scope of the person.
Visual overload associated with both the professional activity (for example, work with a personal computer screen), and with a change in the rhythm of life of the majority of people of working age, for example, reducing the time spent in sleep.
Even schoolchildren have greater visual load. And only because of a higher degree of employment in a school, but also due to the fact that free time, many busy computer or TV.
Prolonged high load on the eye provokes spasm of accommodation. Spasm of accommodation or false myopia – a spasm of the ciliary muscle that occurs after prolonged focusing of the eyes at close (or distant) objects. The pathology leads to the fact that the eye because of overwork loses its ability to respond to changes in focal length, eventually deteriorating visual acuity (or near). The most common accommodation spasm occurs in children and young people, at least in adults. Since the process is reversible, this vision defect called false myopia. It serves the reduction of visual function beginning and leads to the development of myopia. We have to wear glasses or get used to the lenses.
Spasm of accommodation cunning that is accompanied by debilitating headache that is very difficult to diagnose and hence, it is difficult to choose the treatment. And not always clear that it is in excessive, non-physiological loads on the eyes hiding its root cause.
In identifying the spasm of accommodation is carried out comprehensive treatment, to eliminate the causes that led to the spasm. To resolve the problem ophthalmologists prescribe eye drops that expand the pupil and relax the ciliary muscle. For prevention it is recommended to perform a set of health and hygiene measures (eye exercises, physical activity, nutrition enrichment). If the treatment of spasm of accommodation is not addressed in time, then he can go to the stable myopia.
In our assortment there are herbal remedies that contain all the components required to maintain the normal functioning of the body.
Biocomplex “Glazorol” – contains all the necessary components for the maintenance of normal functioning of the body. It promotes prevention of age-related changes and fatigue of the visual analyzer. Systemic administration Biocomplex “Glazorol” will allow for many years to maintain visual acuity, strengthen the eye blood vessels, prevent trophic processes.
Kissel “Blueberry-cherry” with berries, enriched with vitamins, rutin, and L-Taurine – Kissel “Blueberry-cherry” optimally balanced composition, contains a wide range of nutrients needed to maintain the vitality and health promotion, has a beneficial effect on the organs of vision that is especially important at higher loadings visual. Very easy to use and very tasty!
Drops “Ai-Xi”, herbal remedy for the eyes – are part of the “Ai Si” natural herbal ingredients quickly eliminate the symptoms of “dry eye”, contribute to the preservation of visual acuity, strengthen capillaries, relieve fatigue from his eyes, enriched with vitamins and minerals tissue.
We hope our recommendations will help you maintain the health of your eyes and always see the good.

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