Lose weight for the New Year

Who among us would not want to celebrate New Year in perfect shape. To a beautiful dress, admiring glances …
From 10 to 24 December A country fasting days. Say no to all starchy foods – porridge, potatoes, bread, baked goods, pasta. Say yes vegetables, boiled, baked, raw, steamed, grilled – is the basis of your diet during this period. And to make up for the lack of protein in the body to consume cheeses, lentils and nuts (in small quantities). In salads add various oils, pay attention, on sale is not only sunflower and olive oil, and flax seed, sesame, grape.

Combine different oils for salad with lemon juice, and tasty and healthy, this simple procedure will prevent the stagnation of bile. And drink plenty of water.
During the period of fasting days will be useful to you Tea monastery №2 optimal weight (improves metabolism and blood circulation, cleanses the body of toxins) and Chai monastery №9 cleansing (adjusts the level of lipids and cholesterol in the blood).
Fasting days to help remove the body of “loose” fat, excess water and fat. It makes your body more fit and slim. Give the skin a nice color and shine to hair.
It’s simple, two weeks and you are fully prepared. Health and beauty to you!
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