In the field of view – the thyroid gland

Nowadays, a lot of attention is paid to thyroid problems. I’ve remembered all my close friends and family. And the sad conclusion that there is no family in which someone from the members there would be no particular problems with the thyroid gland. Scientists tend to believe that the disease of the thyroid gland – the consequences of the Chernobyl accident. But be that as it may, the people that does not help! The worst thing is that the thyroid disease rejuvenated, and their range is much wider spread “contaminated area”.

So what kind of a thyroid gland takaya-? Why is it so much paying attention?

The thyroid gland is located in the neck below the larynx to the trachea. In humans, it has the shape of a butterfly and is located under the thyroid cartilage. The thyroid gland – an endocrine gland in vertebrate storing iodine and develop iodine-containing hormones (iodothyronine) involved in the regulation of metabolism and growth of individual cells and the organism as a whole – thyroxine (tetraiodothyronine, the T4) and triiodothyronine (T3). The synthesis of these hormones occurs in the epithelial cells of the follicle, called thyrocites. Another very important hormone calcitonin. The peptide hormone is also synthesized in the thyroid gland: or in parafollicular C-cells. It compensates for wear of the bones by insertion of calcium and phosphate in bone tissue, and prevents the formation of osteoclasts which in the activated condition can lead to destruction of bone and stimulates the functional activity and proliferation of osteoblasts. Thereby involved in regulating the activities of these two types of entities. It is thanks to this hormone new bone is formed faster.
Thyroid disorders can occur in the background unaltered, low (hypothyroidism) or increased (hyperthyroidism, thyrotoxicosis) endocrine function. Met in certain areas of iodine deficiency can lead to the development of endemic goiter.

If you or your family members are faced with problems in the thyroid gland, immediately how to Inspect. Comprehensive survey will determine how difficult and serious situation you.

And we, in turn, will give you some guidance. Our shop offers a range of products that support your struggle against illnesses of the thyroid gland.

1. Cream-balm “young”. Natural cream-balm contains not contain chemicals and synthetic substances, fragrances and dyes. Another country doctor produced ointment with similar composition (cream-balm is rich in natural iodine) to combat the illnesses of the thyroid gland. “Youth” is applied twice a day to the area of ​​the thyroid gland, light massage movements. Not applying bandages.

2. Tireobalans – natural Biocomplex normalizing the thyroid gland. Stimulating production and stabilizing the balance of thyroid hormones.

For the full activity of the thyroid gland needs iodine. This trace element controls the metabolism, increases immunity and activity of certain hormones. Tyrosine, which is part of Tireobalansa is also an important substrate for the proper operation of the thyroid gland and prevent its hypofunction. Selenium and zinc in the complex “Tireobalans” protect the thyroid gland from the damaging effects of free radicals, which can lead to hypothyroidism. Copper, manganese and cobalt are cofactors of enzymes involved in the formation of thyroid hormones. Extract of cat’s claw is effective in patients with autoimmune thyroid disease.

3. BAD “Iodine is active” is used to prevent the development of hyperthyroidism, goiter. An important quality of dietary supplements “Iodine is active” is its ability to significantly reduce the accumulation of radioactive iodine in the thyroid gland due to its displacement “good” iodine, thereby protecting the thyroid from radiation influence.

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