Hair loss

All of us, sooner or later, either personally or our loved ones are faced with the problem of hair loss. And the first question arises – why hair falls out. Rosli himself lived beautifully on the head, did not drop out, and then just started … in fact, on this occasion has a lot said and written, but I, as a person for many years engaged in herbal medicine and complementary medicine has its own opinion about the causes of hair loss .

1. The pursuit of beauty, the first and the most common cause of hair loss – hair color, the use of styling products, all kinds of perms, styling “hot” way to bring a lot of harm to our tresses. This is an obvious cause of hair loss, aggressive chemical environment, the hot air will not do much good to anybody and nothing.
2. Unbalanced diet and lifestyle. The first question we ask when complaints of hair loss, what you eat? Many people are surprised to this issue, and it is only a balanced diet gives you the opportunity to feed and supply the nutrients the hair follicle and stimulate the growth of healthy hair. It is necessary to establish a food rich in iron, zinc, vitamins C, E and the F, amino acids, proteins. Just an important role in the issue of hair loss play a full sleep and fresh air. So eat right, sleep well, be outdoors, and your hair will be healthy.
3. Diseases and medication. Yes, many diseases and medication accompanied by hair loss. Even the most simple reception of tablets – the pressure, aspirin has a negative impact on the condition of hair.
4. And the last point. Miscellaneous. These include stress, which we all experience on a regular basis and a bad environment, from which it is difficult anywhere to go. The weakened immune system, lack of blood supply to the hair roots. All these factors have a negative impact on the condition of hair.

So, if you encounter a problem of hair loss, the main thing to understand the reason. Now there are many different treatments for hair loss, a lot of techniques, but if you do not understand the root cause, they will not bring the desired result, and long. Follow some simple rules
– If you dye your hair, pay attention to the colors, select the most sparing and only high-quality dyes.
– When installing “hot” way (hair dryer, curling iron, utyuzhek) Pick the lowest temperature settings.
– At least twice a week to do your hair rest, do not apply any styling products, do not use a hair dryer, do not collect these days hair “beam.”
– Balance your meals. Consult with a nutritionist or self-study, which is part of the foods that you eat. Enter in the diet of porridge – they are very rich in macro and micronutrients.
– Sleep at least 8 hours a day, try more to be outdoors.
– If you’re constantly taking medication, be sure to pick up a vitamin-mineral complex for oral and hair care (masks, shampoos)
– Wash your hair ONLY warm water, and after washing do not wipe, and promakivat, preferably natural fabrics.
– Make massage of the head.
In our shop are cosmetics, to combat hair loss, I advise you to pay attention to the shampoo with extract of oak bark, oak bark has long been known remedy for hair loss. Mask “Silk hair” hair oil “hair.” All three of these organic agents, i.e. do not contain in its composition and chemical synthetics, which is very beneficial to the hair in a complex state with an excellent therapeutic effect! If you have any questions about the application or the selection tools, you can always ask your question in the section to ask a question fitotepevtu doctor.
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