Details of balsam hair mask “Silk hair”

What is organic? Often asked this question. Organic – which means that it includes no chemical and synthetic substances, and all that is part of the collected and grown without the use of fertilizers in a clean place. And this is true, “Silk hair” does not include in its composition a single gram of synthetics and chemicals, and more than that, “Silk hair” is made by hand. And it is true!
The first thing that comes to mind is that this product as “Silk hair” fits allergies. People suffering from allergies, especially household, knows how difficult it is to pick up a shampoo or hair mask. In the case of the “Silk Road a hair” can be used without fear, unless of course, you are not allergic to components of the product. The composition of the “Silk hair” you can explore at our store.
And yet, “Silk hair” fits all, especially if you are tired of mindlessly smear their hair and head across the periodic table. After all the components included in the mask for the hair, in particular, being on the recommendation on the scalp from 2 to 20 minutes, and are absorbed into the blood! When using the “Silk hair” marked therapeutic effect – reduces headaches, improves cerebral blood circulation!
Balm-mask “Silk hair” has a fine texture, a pleasant smell, easy to use.
Use the “Silk hair” as a mask. A small amount of balm – hair of medium length, medium thickness – a bean, put on your scalp for 30 minutes before washing. Evenly distribute the massage, the entire length of hair. Wrap in a towel and wait for 30 minutes. Then we go into the shower and my head as always. Mask perfectly washed off.
Use the “Silk hair” like a balm. After shampooing, on a slightly damp hair apply a small amount of balm to the hair ends. That’s all. Sushimsya.
Good health to you!

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