Caring for the lips in the autumn-winter period

Now the period of widespread hobbies home-folk remedies, creams can often find recipes mask for lips. mix it and then let stand, stir … and your lips will be great. I’m not a home “hendmeyda”, and spending time on what has already been taken care of and made specifically for your lips experts in the field of health and beauty. The more that the cost of natural products companies Ekolyuks pleasantly different from the level of international counterparts.
So, the question of a special care for lips is acute – wind swings temperatury..yavno not add beauty and resilience to our lips. Cream Balzan Jasmine handmade, 100% natural for the daily care of the delicate skin of the lips. AND once a week apply a cream Balzan Jasmine thicker, going beyond the contour of the lips and leave for 15-20 minutes. remove excess. the result will not take long. Your lips will be great! It’s simple! and do not forget the cream Balzan Jasmine natural, so it should be stored in the refrigerator !!!!!!

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