Care of the female breast

It is no secret that over the bust is necessary to look from a young age. What would keep the shape of the bust attractive, and the skin supple and without stretch marks should be carried out with cold water wash every day, wiping, and no complicated gymnastic exercises. These simple manipulations will not only maintain the aesthetic appearance, but also to avoid all kinds of breast disease, such as breast, mastitis, tissue sealing.
Under the shower washed the bust from the bottom up and around each breast. Well, if you have a bathing glove. If not – does not matter, you can use a piece of coarse cloth, waffle towel.

Chest easily massaged in circular motions from the middle outwards. When wiping use a bathing mitt or towel after moistening it in cold water. To enhance the effect of the water can add a little sea salt or wine (not synthetic) vinegar. After washing or wiping light massage, apply a small amount of cream-balm “young”, moving in a spiral from the nipple to the bottom of each breast. Do not forget to put the cream-balm “young” on the delicate skin of neck, neck and chin (chin – light pat the back of the hand). This will give the skin a velvety and refined flexibility.
We hope that our advice and a wonderful cream-balm “young” help you find your own path to beauty and health!

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