wonderful chistoton oats

Yes, it’s wonderful. We have known him for a long time, and we love him more and more.

What to do if you need to lose 2-3 kg – take Chiston oats
What to do if there is an irresistible desire to cleanse the body? the answer is the same – take Chistoton oats.
What to do if you suffer from constipation? the answer is obvious – eat Chistoton oats
Due to the very correctly and correctly selected composition, Chistoton oats perfectly cleanses the body, removes excess fluid and waste, improves intestinal motility. At the same time, it is not addictive, and not least, it is very convenient to take.

Take Chiston oats should be 1-2 times a day, morning-evening, or evening, 1 teaspoon, drinking plenty of water. Be sure to observe the drinking regimen while taking Chistoton oats.

The composition of Chiston includes such plants – crushed powder from grains and oats embroideries, beet root crops, stalnik and licorice root, senna grass.

Here is such a simple and intricate composition. But it is very effective, adjusts the work of the gastrointestinal tract to 123, and this is time-tested. Lowers cholesterol – this is logical, normalizes metabolism, which is generally very nice !!!

We recommend spending the first days of acquaintance with Chiston on the weekend, because the body can decide to say goodbye to a very large amount of acquired and unnecessary !!!!

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A simple and effective way to clean the vessels !!!!

If you have such a task – to clean the vessels, we have already tested the scheme, it works perfectly. You tolerate beekeeping products well, then go ahead.

So, in fact there are two products – phytoconcentrate larvae of the wax moth, and phytoconcentrate of bee subpestilence. The course is a month, a very convenient reception – morning evening. In the morning we take a phytoconcentrate of wax moth, 20 drops. In the evening, phytoconcentrate of bee subpestilence, 20 drops. For this scheme, you will need 3 bottles of wax moth and bee subpestilence. Very effective and budget option.

How it works? Wax moth phyto-concentrate dissolves cholesterol plaques, improves vascular elasticity. Wax moth lives in the hive and is a pest, it produces such an enzyme that, attention, dissolves beeswax, this explains the ability of products from wax moth to clean vessels. A phytoconcentrate of bee subpestilence, removes all this from the body.

Doctors also recommend this regimen before the start of summer, these products thin the blood and, as you already understood, lower blood pressure !!!

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One of our favorite foods for maintaining immunity and fortifying the body as a whole is Bee Perga.
People far from beekeeping, it is always very interesting to know what kind of product it is and how it turns out?
Bee bread is made or produced by bees, from pollen grains, by fermentation. This process takes about 15 days. Upon completion of this process, a valuable protein product is obtained that bees feed their larvae. That is, it’s a child’s food in the hive. Continue Reading…