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  • Natural shoe polish Ekolux

    Natural shoe polish Ekolux, designed to protect and care for all types of leather products (shoes, bags, gloves, jackets, etc.). Saturates the color of the product, refreshes the appearance, hides scratches, scratches and cracks. Caring, cleans, adds shine to the product. It repels moisture, increases resistance to damage, protects against dirt and dust. Shoes treated with natural cream shoe Eco-Lux will remain dry, even in the most rainy and snowy weather. Ecolux natural shoe polish has a pleasant aroma, can be used indoors.
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  • Face cream for men Yaka

    Face cream for men Yak effectively moisturizes the skin and provides it freshness and smoothness for the whole day thanks to its plant composition, gives a feeling of comfort for 24 hours and does not leave a greasy shine. After regular application of the cream, your skin looks healthy and well-groomed, effectively moisturized and fresh. Face cream for men Yaka does not contain synthetic fragrances, dyes and preservatives.
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  • Conditioning shampoo Lac Sante for color-treated hair dull

    Conditioning shampoo for color-treated hair dull Lac Sante effectively restores damaged hair, adds shine and protects against UV rays, color protection! Conditioning shampoo for color-treated hair dull Lac Sante contains brine Saki medicinal mud, silk proteins.
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